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Probate is simply a method of transferring your assets to your heirs upon your death. Probate involves filing papers in Court, and then submitting the management of the estate to the general supervision of the Court. Probate typically requires an attorney. There has been a great deal of misinformation demonizing the alleged evils of probate, portraying it as a thing to be avoided at all costs. In general, probate is not as bad as has been portrayed, as most probates are finalized within six months of filing, usually heirs can receive at least some of the assets well prior to that time, and the attorney fees for an uncomplicated probate are very reasonable. That being said, there are some effective methods of avoiding probate, and a good estate planning attorney will help you decide whether any of these methods would be feasible for you.

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Your family may experience grief and confusion when a loved one passes away. We have helped families in Connecticut, and all across the United States, minimizing their problems during this difficult time.

If you have been named as Executor in someone's Will, or if you will seek appointment as an Administrator of a deceased person's estate, we will handle every aspect of working through the Connecticut legal system on your behalf.

If you have questions or concerns about a probate matter, please contact us today.

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